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Wisdom is the Word of God (Christ) within our heart Rm 10:8, 17. Fear (trust)  in The Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Wisdom is Self-knowing. Only our spiritual self upon awakening from spiritual sleep can know the things of God / Spirit. This is usually is accomplished by seeking and allowing our natural mind to become STILL so as to know God Ps 46:10. “Seek and you will find” Mt 7:7. Only by practicing inner stillness can we learn to distinguish God’s thoughts from ours. His thoughts are higher than ours Isa 55.

Wisdom  is related to faith which comes by the hearing from God Rm 10:17. Spiritual hearing is a gift known by spiritual Christians but not those that are yet carnal; that is those who are only aware of their physical senses and the knowledge that comes from them.  Faith is the absence of carnal thought. Peter lost his faith walking on water when carnal thought was injected through the fear of the surrounding  circumstances Mt 14:22-33.Yet we need to be careful that it is not of the flesh Lk 8:18, 2 Co 10:5

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” Prov 9:1 and knowledge Prov 1:7 To fear / trust the Lord is to delight  in his commands by his word / thoughts revealed in our heart Ps 112:1.

The fear of the Lord is devotional non-duality of thought. God’s thoughts are above the firmament, where all is one in God whereas our thoughts are below the firmament. The firmament is what separates the created reams below from the Spiritual realm above.  Gn 1:7, Is 55.

The secret (mystery) of the Lord is to those who fear him (Listen to and live by his Spirit within them) Ps 25:14

This simply means that we begin on the path of higher wisdom when we recognize our father (wisdom) the way and AUTHORITY to life and truth and trusting in him which evolves into Self trust; That is of our true spirit self with God. “God is the Father of spirits” Heb 12:9.

God will provide for all of our needs  (especially spiritually) which always is followed up with the material as a result) if we but surrender all of ourselves; self creations and riches to Him.

Man without Wisdom is like the beasts that parish Ps 49. Prov 29:18-19.

Beware of those who say Christ is here or there Mt 24-4-5. Christ is simply all and in all Eph 1:23. It is this simplicity in Christ that guards from deception 2 Co 11:1-3.



Light Burst



The purpose of this blog is what I have discovered is the purpose of life itself. My goal is to lay down the path to self – discovery rather than simply to relay information, or beliefs that I may have. God has placed within each of us the ability to discover the way, the truth, and the life from the divine authority within our own spirit, since our spirit – self is already one with our heavenly father’s Spirit. Our task is to allow that which hinders this knowledge and inner authority and to dismantle it by the power of God. My prayer is that all who seek the way of love, life, and truth will find it in its fullness.


We are living at a time when humanity is beginning to wake up to the understanding that our true nature is not limited to this physical body but indeed has been created in the image of God. In His image we have been endowed with the attributes of God. This means that we do not have to remain stuck with the limitations of this mortal body, but that the good news is that this mortal can, and must put on immortality in order to experientially know the power and promises of God. Using this blog as a medium of communication, I will attempt to share some of the most important nuggets of truth have helped to transform my life and continues to do so. To get the most out of what I share, I suggest that you slowly read the material with the bible scriptures and then write in your own words what you fell you are hearing within your won heart and spirit. This will help develop your own awareness of Go’s voice and wisdom within yourself.